Town in the municipality of Boñar


Overview of Felechas

(FILICTUM or fern, which means a place populated by ferns).

It is first mentioned in the year 961 under the name FELECTAS. This village was part of the county of Colle. It is 8.5 km from Boñar.

The parish church dates back to the 14th century and its patron saint is Santa Lucia. It is worth mentioning a Visigothic remains from the 9th century that has been attached to the main altar.


Felechas is the village in León with the largest number of hórreos, forming a sort of avenue at the entrance to the village. According to tradition, the tithes and first payments to the church were kept in one of them.

There are remains of a Celtic castro, a cave full of human remains and the foundations of the hermitage of Santa Maria.

It used to celebrate the festivities on 27 September, in honour of Santa Lucia, now moved to August.