Llama de Colle

Town in the municipality of Boñar

Llama de Colle

Overview of Llama de Colle

(LLAMA means wet or swampy place)

This village is not mentioned in antiquity because it is considered a neighbourhood of Colle and annexed to its parish.

Llama is one of the five that make up the ancient county of Colle. From immemorial times it has been considered as an annex to Colle, as they have always shared a parish priest and parish, but each had its own neighbourhood council.


It is located 7.2 km from Boñar. Its parish church is a hermitage dedicated to San Vicente Martir, shared with Colle. It has a hermitage dedicated to Santa Águeda and the Virgen de la Pera, a beautiful Romanesque carving from the 13th century.

It celebrates its patron saint festivities on 5 February in honour of Santa Águeda and on the 2nd and 3rd of August.