Town in the municipality of Boñar



(OVILE that means flock of sheep).

According to the remains found in the area, it was the Romans who mined iron ore in this small village.

We do not find the name of this village until El “Becerro de Presentaciones” of the León Cathedral, written in 1468, which mentions its parish as belonging to the archpriesthood of Rueda.


Oville belonged to the old council of Boñar. Immersed in a swarm of mountains lies the fascinating village.

It is located 5.1 kilometres from the capital of the municipality.

Its parish church dates back to the 17th century and is dedicated to Santiago Apóstol, in honour of whom the patron saint’s festivities are held on 25th July.

The “Cota de Oville” exists here and silica is extracted from its soil for the glass industry. It has the so-called Gorgorita fountain and its old mill, rebuilt with the skill and expertise of the stonemasons of Oville, complemented by a set of carved stone and oak, consisting of rustic stools and a table.