Town in the municipality of Boñar



(RIOCAVO or dug river or waterway).

This village is mentioned for the first time in documents from the Middle Ages in the year 1088.

Its masonry parish church was completed in 1817 and is dedicated to San Miguel Arcangel, although the patron saint’s festivities are held on 16 July in honour of the Santo Cristo de los Afligidos.


It belonged to the old council of Peñamián and later to the town council of Boñar.
It is 21 kilometres from Boñar, being located at the highest point of these mountains.
Within the boundaries of this village, next to the Cuervo and Castillo peaks, there were military fortresses.
This village, like other neighbouring villages, used to lease passes by inviting two sheep to the village on the 16th of August, the feast of San Roque. This meal was known as the “machorra” feast.