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Wildlife Museum

The DR. ROMERO NIETO FOUNDATION, in collaboration with the provincial Council of León, the University of León and the Department of the Environment of the Regional Government of Castilla y León, has created the Wildlife Museum, a unique initiative of its kind in Spain and Europe.

It is located in a privileged setting, on the Ferreras pass, on the banks of the Vegamián dam and between the villages of Valdehuesa and Rucayo. The museum was created by Dr. Romero Nieto’s Foundation, with the purpose of showing fauna and flora.

It is a didactic and exhibition centre, distributed in 25 rooms in which more than 8,000 species are exhibited: large mammals, felines, primates, reptiles, birds, insects; all of them recreated in their natural habitat through artistic painting, native flora and other scenic resources that faithfully reflect each ecosystem. It also has an open-air nature park in which various species live in semi-freedom.

The Wildlife Museum has all the technological advances of modern museums, as well as an audiovisual room, a library, a shop and an art gallery. The Museum has a CAFETERIA-RESTAURANT with splendid panoramic views.


Opening hours:

Winter (October – March)
Weekends and holidays from 11:00 to 18:00 hours.
Summer (April-October)
Tuesday to Sunday and Holidays from 11:00 to 19:30 hours
August (opened every day during the summer season).


Carretera Valdehuesa-Rucayo, Km 2, 24854, Valdehuesa, León Alto Porma

Contact telephone numbers:

+34 987 735 381
+34 639 994 619
+34 616 648 286



Mapa-valdehuesa y Museo


Accessible for people with disabilities and guided tours

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